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What We Are Doing Today

Conducting network optimizations to reduce waste Optimizing density to reduce truck frequency and carbor(CO2).

We focus on sustainability because simply, it is the right thing to do and important to our owners, employees, and customers.

Logos Logistics is a SmartWay Transport Partner. We work hard to minimize our impact on the environment, including using fuel-efficient tires, custom aerodynamic tractors and trailers, and technology to shorten trips and promote fuel conservation.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Our facilities recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and electronic waste, and utilize an electronic document repository to reduce paper output.

Forklift Emission Reduction

We regularly monitor fuel emissions from the forklifts in our facilities, and take immediate corrective action if we feel a reading is too high. Our preventive maintenance program improves Vehicle performance while maintaining air quality.

Energy Efficiency Measures

When we engineer a supply chain solution, we always seek to incorporate energy efficiency. For example, prior to selecting a building to lease, we perform a detailed evaluation that includes energy considerations. If renovations are needed, we purchase energy efficient equipment where practical.

Terminal and Warehouse Center Practices

Conserving energy using modern technology (Lighting, Skylights, Lighting Controls, and Improved Heating and Air Systems) Governing trucks and training drivers on progressive shifting techniques to promote fuel conservation Using APU’s (auxiliary power units) to reduce idle time and fuel consumption Reducing use of paper with technology Improving employees’ health and reducing healthcare costs with employee wellness initiatives Managing Safety Programs to keep employees healthy, happy and productive Reducing waste and costs using lean principles

Logos Logistics - SmartWay Transport Partner Certificate

SmartWay® Is A Partnership Between The EPA And The Freight Transportation Industry With The Mutual Goal Of Helping Shippers, Carriers And Logistics Companies Improve Fuel Efficiency And Reduce Carbon Emissions.

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