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3PL specialist in top-notch logistics solutions tailored to the unique demands of the food and beverage industry nationwide.

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Specialists in Food Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Given the time-sensitive nature of food products, we understand the unique challenges of the food and beverage industry and provide solutions that minimize food waste and spoilage and maximize capacity, route planning, and on-time delivery.

From perishable goods to delicate ingredients to frozen and refrigerated foods, we provide tailored food and beverage logistics solutions that address the specific needs of your food supply chain. Our commitment is to keep your ingredients fresh, your products secure, and your reputation as a culinary innovator intact.

77,000 sqft Warehouse Space in Romulus, Michigan!

Our Romulus warehouse, spanning 77,000 sq. ft., is your gateway to efficient storage and distribution. Reach out today and experience logistics excellence in Detroit.

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Ambient Warehousing Solutions

Preserving the quality of your food and beverage products is our top priority. That is why Logos Logistics provides transportation with ambient warehousing solutions for your cold supply chain operations. Whether it is keeping things chilled, frozen, or at room temperature, our facilities are well-equipped to handle the diverse needs of the food and beverage sector.

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Nationwide & Global Distribution

At Logos Logistics, we bridge the gap between global reach and local flavors. Our logistics team, with its international expertise, seamlessly connects your culinary creations to markets worldwide. Navigating through the logistics maze, we help your products reach every corner while respecting the unique tastes of each region. Trust us to bring the world to your table, expanding your product distribution without losing the authenticity of your flavors.

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Just-In-Time Logistics

In today’s fast-paced culinary world, timing is everything, and we have got it down to a science. Logos Logistics specializes in just-in-time food delivery, ensuring your ingredients, raw materials, and final products arrive exactly when you need them. From the farm to your kitchen to the table, we align with the rhythm of your culinary operations for that fresh-from-the-source taste.

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Compliance and Quality Assurance

Safety and quality are our top priorities. Logos Logistics is dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry standards. We follow regulations rigorously, from ensuring hygiene standards to meticulous humidity control for food storage. With us, you can trust that your products not only comply with the highest safety and quality standards but also reflect our commitment to handling them with care and precision.

90,000 sqft Warehouse Space in Warren, Michigan!

Our brand-new Warren facility offers 90,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art 3PL services. It’s the epitome of efficient storage and flawless distribution in the Detroit area.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer unique advantages and commitment that set us apart as your trusted partner in third-party logistics and supply chain excellence.

World-Class Expertise

Since 2008, Logos Logistics has been a beacon of professional expertise in the Midwest. Our commitment extends to delivering a highly proficient and extensive range of logistics, warehousing, and transportation services.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain direct online access to powerful logistics systems for rela-time visibility on your products. Our user-customized reports improve accuracy, responsiveness, and overall efficiency, putting you in control of your logistics processes.

Competitive Rates

Benefit from our lean-team approach, senior mangement involvement, and superior efficiency. At Logos Logistics, you receive some of the most cost-effective rates in the industry, ensuring value for your investment.

Safety and Protection

As a fully insured company, Logos Logistics prioritizes the safety and protection of your goods. Nationally certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and National Women's Business Enterprise, we provide the assurance that your cargo is in secure hands.


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My experience with 3PL has been nothing short of truly amazing. Their level of service, communication, speed, efficiency and overall fulfillment have allowed me to scale my business with zero hiccups along the way. Can't recommend enough!

Words cannot describe how positive of an experience we've had with our automotive logistics. We've been able to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase our revenue. Thank you for a job well done. 

78,000 sqft Warehouse Space in Rossford, Ohio!

Our Rossford warehouse, with 78,000 sq. ft. of cutting-edge space, is strategically positioned in Toledo. It’s your link to streamlined logistics and seamless distribution.

Case Studies

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Overseas automotive parts supplier suppling JIT sequence parts to US automotive assembly plants

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Inbound material flow inbound supply chain management and product flow expertise

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Sequence parts delivery for major OEM’s assembly plant

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50,000 sqft Warehouse Space in New Castle, Delaware!

Explore our 50,000 sqft warehouse in New Castle, Delaware. Strategically located on the east coast of the US and equipped for efficiency and security, it’s your solution for reliable storage and distribution.

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