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What We Offer

Our automotive logistics solutions are available at every stage of your automotive value chain, whether for vehicle suppliers, manufacturers, importers, or distributors. We provide dependable warehousing solutions and a comprehensive variety of transportation options to guarantee that your car components and vehicles reach their destination on schedule and within your budget. This allows us to specialize in inbound logistics, outbound logistics, and warehousing in the Michigan, Ohio, and Delaware regions.

Improved Operational Capacity

Our knowledgeable and skilled automotive logistics experts are strategically positions around Michigan, Ohio, and Delaware areas to offer all kinds of automotive logistics services including selecting, arranging, and palleting your shipments, which enables your company to concentrate on other key business activities. This vast range of expertise and years of experience on our part means that you can focus on what your company does best, and leave the rest to us!

Scalable Business Operations

You need room. You ened personnel. You will need systems. We've got them - and with consistent pricing and no long-term obligations, so you can expand and adjust as needed.

Reduced Friction

Make the process simpler by using our wide distribution coverage and convenient locations together with our excellent materials handling, inspection skills, and our capacity to do minor repairs, all of which are complemented by our world-class automotive supply chain management system.

Customers Satisfaction Guaranteed

The apex point of our low-cost and reliable automotive logistic solutions is that customers are happier, which makes us happy. When we contractually commit to you and your company, we work as your partners to help you secure more business and seize new market opportunities. Our diversified and extensive logistics management services cover every major city, port, and destination to help you get your automotive parts and cars to market faster, more efficiently, and more economically than your competition.

Interested in Expanding Your Business?

As the leading automotive logistics providers in the Midwest, we assist you in streamlining your entire logistics processes and improving lead-time management through flow design optimization and value chain frameworks.

Request a free-of-cost, no-strings-attached quotation to build powerful supply chain.

Inventory and Distribution Network Management
at a Single Location

what is automotive logistics in supply chain and how does it work logos 3pl logistics

Numerous automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive sector are either out of storage space or are having difficulty managing their inventory and delivery. At Logos Logistics, we understand that automobile manufacturers and suppliers around the world need a stable supply network and substantial warehouse space to hold goods and components until they are required for fulfillment or delivery.

You no longer need to worry about personnel, gear, area, or the complexities of auto supply chain administration – we take care of everything! Additionally, we provide customized vehicle inventory management services that help you to take advantage of flexible supply and demand management. Whether it is as straightforward as providing warehousing and distribution channels, or as complex as packing, sourcing, sequencing, classifying/breaking bulk, kitting, and so on… we have the right tools and expertise to get the job done.

Automotive Logistics in the Midwest

Unlike most other distribution and warehousing service providers in Michigan, Ohio, and Delaware, we have room! Logos Logistics is well-positioned to serve automotive suppliers across the Midwest. We have extensive warehouse space and tactically-positioned sites to satisfy the growing demands of our automobile clients.

We understand the automotive manufacturing plants (inbound automotive logistics) and suppliers (outbound automotive logistics) require dedicated warehousing space to maintain inventories of goods and components until they are required for production or delivery. our state-of-the-art facilities in Michigan, Ohio, and Delaware can accommodate your vast inventories and manage your order fulfillment.

Our facilities are conveniently placed near the Midwest’s major automobile manufacturing plants. We are able to pack, assemble, and sequence blog or small automobile components straight to the production line by employing our world-class inventory management system. Additionally, we stock automotive components and raw materials that we provide on a “Just-in-Time” (JIT) premise. You can take up as much room as necessary.

what is automotive logistics in supply chain and how does it work logos 3pl logistics

Our Specialties

Automotive Parts, Equipment, Space and Labor in one place.

With decades of industry experience and optimal geographical locations near the Big Three Automakers in Detroit, we are able to offer the most ideal logistics solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers globally. Logos Logistics raises the bar to provide you with automotive inventory management services you need. Whether it is to store or distribute your automotive parts, count on us as your number one choice. With a well-equipped inventory management system, we can package, kit, and sequence small/large automotive parts directly to the assembly line. We offer plenty of warehouse space for parts and raw materials, all delivered on a “Just-in-Time” (JIT) basis.

There’s a reason a growing number of top brands choose Logos Logistics as their first choice for their automotive servicing logistic needs. Here’s some of the highlights of what we can offer you:

EDI Order Management

For Major OEMSs and global top Tier1 auto suppliers. We are already connected with automotive world.

ASN Process

Get notified as soon as shipping occurs as well as information about the product’s physical nature.

Auto Parts Order Fulfillment

With world-class experience and equipment, everything is in place to have your order fully fulfilled.

Large Warehouse Space

With vast warehouse space with locations around the globe, we can easily accommodate your specific automotive inventory requirements.

Parts Inspection

All shipped parts are sorted and inspected, ensuring zero defect part is delivered to the final destination.

Inventory Tracking

Using a modern warehouse management system (WMS), we can accurately identify your product by serial number or weight.

Client-Specified Kitting

Pick and pack specific parts to support automotive manufacturing operations.

Inventory Management

Our Warehouse Management System ensures that you know where you product is at all times.


Save valuable time in the logistical process, minimizing the time between receipt, processing and reshipping.

Small Parts Packaging

Free up precious space and time by using our small parts packaging services.

Parts Sequencing

Pick, pack, and ship parts in the sequence you need them, they can be taken directly to the vehicle assembly line once the shipment is unloaded.

Auto Parts Trucking & Transportation

Automotive and trucking support, delivering mechanical auto parts, auto body parts, auto materials & raw good, and much more.

Automotive Parts Sorting & Break Bulk

We sort and break down all mixed pallets so upon arrival at your plant, they are prepared to go directly to the line or storage.

Repacking for Manufacturer’s Requirement

Ensure all products and good are repacked exactly to the manufacture’s requirement.

Auto Parts Sequence Delivery (Just In Sequence, Broadcast Delivery)

Deliver parts directly to the assembly plant in the exact order as received.

When You Need Room, We Provide It!

Today, warehouse space is becoming scarcer and more expensive. When you are manufacturing and assembling automobile components, the expenditure and time required to handle products, inventories, distribution, monitoring, and delivery may be significant. Logos Logistics services offer the warehousing space and facilities needed to efficiently arrange and manage your automobile parts inventory, saving you valuable time and allowing you to concentrate on your main business. Expand your operations without building or leasing extra warehousing space!

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More Space, Less Hassle

We have numerous warehouses and stocking facilities located across the Midwest region of the United States, each with hundreds of thousands of square feet of storage space to effectively fulfill your unique automobile distributing and warehousing needs in the Michigan/Ohio/Delaware regions.

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Inventory Management

Our automotive supply chain management system is capable of tracking automobile components down to the serial number level. We can monitor bulk dry resin by weight. We also provide digital load and inventory visibility and transparency. International tracking is critical for the continued success of just-in-time operations, which are extensively used in automotive supply chains globally. Our industry-leading shipping monitoring technology enables us to provide our valued customers with the logistical data necessary to get a complete picture of their automotive value chain.

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Inventory Control

At Logos Logistics, we rotate inventory using the FIFO (first in, first out) approach, but we may change to your preferred method of inventory management. This can, for example, be done through the receipt date and order processing requirements. Various inventory rotation approaches, including Kanban, Lean, and Agile manufacturing, are supported.

Do You Need Additional Storage Space?

We understand that every customer is unique and their warehousing requirements are different. As a growing automotive business, you need optimal space to minimize costs and maximize returns.

Contact us today for better warehouse space planning and inventory management.

Warehouse Locations

Address: 16500 Wahrman Road, Romulus, Mi 48174

Address: 5857 Enterprise Blvd, Toledo, OH 43612

Address: 620 Centerpoint Blvd, New Castle, DE 19720

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